img-Hotel Start-up
Hotel Start-up

Starting a hotel as a business can be a challenging but profitable undertaking. Whether you’re...

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img-Hotel Strategy and Concept
Hotel Strategy and Concept

A Hotel strategy and concept is a vital part of the brand strategy. It is a formal plan used by a...

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img-Hotel Categorization
Hotel Categorization

Категориите на хотелите в България са: една звезда, две звезди, три звезди, четири звезди и пет...

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Online and offline distributions

Online and offline distribution for a hotel organization is the distribution of hotel services and...

Quality Review

hotel brand needs to ensure that is always delivering the best possible customer service and quality....

Brand identity Benefits

Brand identity can: - Set you apart from your competitors. - Improve brand awareness. - Represent...

Brand guidelines

Does your business have brand guidelines? Perhaps you're not quite sure what a brand guidelines...

Web Design

A great website design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel business, a...

Hotel Managers for Hotel Improvements

At HOTEL CONSULT we offer outsourcing service that can cut costs whilst increasing revenue. ...

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